Spirt worker

Spiritual Master, Healer and Visionary don Zane Curfman

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Investigations & Guidance to help you understand the issues in your life.

Spiritual Work

Healing & Spells to help you resolve issues and transform your life.

Personal devlopment

Classes, Apprenticeships and initiations to help you develop your spiritual gifts

The spirit worker

Zane Curfman

Spiritual Healer, Mentor, Visionary and Author.

don Zane Curfman is a Sansista Espiritista Brujo Curandero (Priest of the SanseĀ Puerto Rician Voudou) Trained and initiated by his Godfather Hougan Hector Salva.

Zane has over 20 years of serving his community as a spiritual healer and guide. He has written articles on spiritual subjects for Life Bridges, Fire Mass and Universal Living Magazines


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